Set up your email on your phone an pc the easy way.



- Click on "Manage / Edit"
- Click on "Upgrade")

Step 1)
Setup your email accounts at:
- Click on "Manage / Edit"
- Click on "Email Accounts"
- And Create

Step 2)
You can then access your email account online to send and receive emails:
- Enter your email address and password you created in step 1
- Select Roundcube

Step 3)

For email accounts that you setup on another device, you should use the following connection details in your email program:

*Select IMAP


Incoming Mail Server:
Incomin Mail Port: 143

Outgoing Mail Server::
Outgoing Mail Port: 587

Username: The full email address you created (Step 1)
Password: The password you created for this email account (Step 1)